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Seeds & Fertilizer Production v1.2
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Seeds & Fertilizer Production v1.2

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Seeds & Fertilizer Production [placeable]
production of fertilizer:
needed: -> manure and liquidManure (max. 20.000 l each)
results in:-> fertilizer

production of liquidFertilizer:
needed: -> fertilizer and water (max. 20.000 l each)
results in:-> liquidFertilizer

production of seeds:
needed: -> fertilizer and crops (max 20.000 l each)
results in:-> seeds
mixing ratio: 1:1
storage capacity: 60.000 l max. each
filling the stations: shovel or tipper; default vehicles are capable of this.
emptying the stations: Trailer ...
costs: $90,000 for building and $10 per day
liquid fertilizer is not producible!
PLEASE try the original Downloadlink!

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    Please try the original download link and get a virus?
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