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Seeds & Fertlizer v1.11
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Seeds & Fertlizer v1.11

is it [called:
[Put] seeds and fertilizer production
The production of fertilizers:
necessary -> dung and liquidManure (max 20,000 liters per.)
Results: -> Mineral

The production of seeds:
Services: -> fertilizers and cultures (up to 20,000 l)
Results: -> seeds
Mixing ratio: 1: 1
Memory capacity: 60,000 l max each.
Stations: shovel or a tipper; The starting of the vehicle are capable of doing.
Emptying station: a shovel or a belt conveyor
Cost: $ 90,000 for construction and $ 10 per day
Liquid fertilizer is produced!

Script: SanAndreas, Kevin98 and Marhu
Idee / Konzept:

  • Faelandaea
    2016-12-13 21:00
    Actually, Sanandreas, I'd rather download this one. At least credits were given, but Thomas doesn't force us to go through a Download site which forces users to drop adblock and get their computer slammed with HUNDREDS of popup ads and malicious adware scripts in an instant. ul.to and uploaded.net are nothing but scam sites, and so, as my professional observation, is any modder who uses such sites. So I will be using this to download for my mod review video.
  • Gangsta-hata
    2016-12-14 00:58
    @Faelandaea: your comment just shows that you like Thomas have no respect of the modders work. stealing and reuploading isn't nice. no matter where the mod is hosted.This site even reuploads mods from the official modhub on GIANTS-site.ITS JUST ILLEGAL AND WILL REMAIN SO
  • Faelandaea
    2016-12-14 21:09
    As you already clearly know, because you DO know me, I try to use original download links wherever possible. But when you deliberately use scam sites like uploaded.net and ul.to, then any respect for where the mod is goes out the window. I could care less about legalities when it comes to scam sites like that. Sharemods, Mediafire, modhoster ... so many legit sites. But you choose scam sites to try to steel people's identities. Well, shows your integrity, right?
  • @gangsta-hata
    2016-12-26 20:48
    u just made your self look stupid for one giants dont own mod hub they are partnered with them and for two giants cant shut down mod hub well shit for three just because u build a mod does not mean u own it...if u have giants editor did u read the accept and agreement be for finishing download to the editor
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