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Sentry and Oillift Pumps v1.0
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Sentry and Oillift Pumps v1.0

Hello. These are converted over from 15.
same credits apply for everything as 15.
thanks to alfalfa6945 for making a custom lua for the sentry jack for animation.
placeables and income generators.
edit how u want 
have fun.


  • Nice mod but a few issues
    2017-06-06 00:14
    Error: Invalid placeable type 'FS17_OilliftPCP.oilpump'Error: Running LUA method 'mouseEvent'Error: Invalid placeable type 'FS17_OilliftPCP.oilpump'Error: Running LUA method 'mouseEvent'.
  • Dd


    2017-06-07 10:26
    But seriously, cant place the Oillift. Its in the store and in the placeables, but when you go to place it its invisible and does not allow you to throw it down on the map.
  • Kbert
    2017-06-07 23:26
    The reason why it's invisible is because you need to have the AAA UniversalProcessKit enabled. This mod is calling a script in that kit. The person who uploaded this mod should of known that unless they are not the author of this mod.
  • Dd


    2017-06-15 11:26
    Got everything to place, but how do you transport oil from the tank to....anywhere? Got a Universal tank, but nothings getting triggered for me to load the oil into a transport tank. Im triggered LoL
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