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Serenity Valley v5.0.3.1
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Serenity Valley v5.0.3.1

Hello folks!

Fixed straw planes at cow and pig stables
Fixed Manure Heap at Pig Stable
Replaced a couple Signs at sell points
Fixed Audio at Milk Plant
Added a few more lights for Night Work

With V4.0 you will see 38 fields which you own 17 so you will have plenty to do from the start. I have added the Train System and all 100 Gold Nuggets too. In the main farm silo you can store Wheat, Barley, Rape, Maize, Sunflower, Soybean, Potato, Sugarbeet, Grass Windrow, Dry Grass Windrow, Woodchips, Straw, Forage and Silage with a capacity of 2000000 for each fruit. There is a small area for Forrestry as well. There are Cows, Pigs, Sheep and chickens. I have tested the map and everything seems to be working well with NO ERRORS in the Log File! This is the final version of this map but if some one finds anything wrong that I missed I will be happy to look into it. Tanks and I hope you enjoy it!

4.0 has more selling places and I customized the Station Names to conform more to this map. With the trains there are now two engines on each one which give more versitile access of loading and unloading. All the door and gates are tuned to work with the animatedObjects.xml file for easy access. The traffic will now obey the rules of the rail road crossings instead of driving right though them and the train. All of you farm equipment is now in "Like New" condition when you start a new game.

Fixed the gold nuggets so you can get them all now.
Fixed the Information Board at the main Farm Silo and added Pig Food to storage.
Changed the grass texture.

Thanks you for all your support but please do not modify or redistribute without my permision!

Model: Rockhound Modding
Texture: Giants
Script: Giants
Idea / Concept: Rockhound Modding
Testing: Rockhound Modding

  • Troubles
    2017-06-14 00:47
    Hi like the map & playing it. Its great like what U have done. Issue how do U get the water into the sugar factory it shoes the water tanker is doing overload but the water tank is not excepting the water from the water tanker. Please could this be fixed please
  • Marin
    2017-11-18 20:25
    Hi i have a two problems. First is that i cant use any of factories and i dont have multifruit i think more fruits like Oat,Spelt,Millet... Can you help pls?
  • Antone52
    2018-07-08 18:13
    Hi, Have downloaded version 2.1 and 2.2, game works ok, but on both versions the gates will not open with left click on the mouse button.Am trying version 5.3.0 hopefully they walloped on this one
  • Antone52
    2018-07-08 18:21
    Installed version 5.3.0, gates open, thanks
  • Antone52
    2018-07-09 14:41
    Hi, have installed V5.0.3.0, Getting reduced FPS,around and in the main yard, plus on start up in stops unexpectedly, but on restart is okay! Could this be caused by the number of mods there, but have considerably less that your list.Can you offer advice, using am using an iMac so have no access to Giants Editor.
  • Antone52
    2018-07-12 00:00
    Have given up with your fabulous game, constantly loosing frames per second around the main farm, now constantly stopping unexpectedly.Surely with the amount of work you put into making this game, it's surely worth a update to correct the great game!!!
  • Antone52
    2018-08-13 19:54
    This is a fantastic map, must have taken you 100's of hours to complete!!Can you not finish it off!!Loosing frames oer second in the main farm yard, plus!!!In every field around the farm!!!When driving from the Dairy towards the farm losing frames per second, but not when you drive away from the farm!
  • Vincent
    2018-08-21 19:30
    i downloaded this map and when starting up the game and get the map, its made the game crashed and exited the game by it self
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