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Sesnovka v1
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Sesnovka v1

Here's my edited Sesnovka for you.
The pigs were provided to the cows and there is now also the court.
There were added to the landscape to gestallten eswas alive some trees.

Modell:D4rkfr34k /Giants
Textur: D4rkfr34k /Giants
Script: D4rkfr34k /Giants
Idee / Konzept: D4rkfr34k /Giants
Tester: D4rkfr34k

  • Jeje016
    2016-10-30 21:39
    nulle il a trot arbre dommage on pet par maitre un ouvrier il se ra toue jour bloqué
  • Pablo
    2016-10-31 15:40
    hi good map but one thing missing WHERE DO YOU DUMP ALL OF YOUR FRUIT WHEN CUT . been over the map but can not find the main silos Can you help please pablo
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