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Sherwood Park Farm Seasons update v1.0.0.7 DTSMP
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Sherwood Park Farm Seasons update v1.0.0.7 DTSMP

Note a separate mods folder should be used for this map to avoid mod conflicts. The map is tested error free this way, the map requires a good PC and graphics card to play as it should as it was optimised as always for our own systems. The downloaded file from the google drive needs to be unzipped first to get to the maps zip file. The map requires legit game versions either Steam or retail and the latest Giant's game update patch must be installed.

Update Information.

The map should be placed in it's own mods folder for best performance at the very least if you place it in your normal mods folder disable all other maps in your mods panel to avoid conflicts and errors.

The update is the largest the map has had since it was created,
it now has the following:

The map now has a mix of fields to suit everyone from easy to hard.
Seasons mod ready complete with snow mask.
The Dirt and Terrain mod has been added to the map with mud.
The map has been updated to the latest V7 template that was used for Pine Cove Seasons and Snetterton's Farm.
Many areas have been reworked in the map.
Storage for produced products added.
Certain field shapes adjusted and missions added to the adjusted ones.
New textures, foliage and water added to the map.
Extra access added to key areas and a new lane added as well for faster east access in the map.
Full map foliage repaint and detailing.
Starting Fleet, animals and storage amounts adjusted to help if you start the map with the Seasons mod.
Optimised and the original file size reduced.

The map has a selection of installed production mods and scripts from some of the best mod makers, see included info text file for credits.

Have fun with it it.

If you wish to make a donation here's my link:

DONATE: https://www.paypal.me/StevieFSMods


  • Blacky
    2017-08-20 05:26
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    your map don't work with that stupid season mod it freeze's up the computer when it is uploading to the game also you had more money like $25000,0000 to it then you start game it goes back to $25,000 instead and when you play the game you can't hear the machines start up there i is no sound to it when you got that stupid season mod added to the map
  • Blacky
    2017-08-20 05:28
    0 0
    same problem with the pine cove to stupid season mod even shuts down the game and a message comes up saying the game stopped working
  • Blacky
    2017-08-20 05:31
    0 0
    i also put it in a seprate modding folder and still doesn't work that stupid season mod is junk doesn't work with shit
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