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Sherwood Park Farm Seasons v3.32 update by Stevie
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Sherwood Park Farm Seasons v3.32 update by Stevie

FS17 Sherwood Park Farm Seasons V3.32 update by Stevie.

This does not require a new gamesave.

This update addressed many things found whilst I have been playing the map over the past few weeks before the pc issues I had.

Textures modified for oats, rye, rape stubble cotton and sorghum distance textures, water reeds, flowers and grass added to deco weed foliage, Milk max settings adjusted, tree, plant and fruit farm compost usage adjusted, water mill wheel rotation matched, water mill particles adjusted, straw buy point added to the farm by the conveyor, ground markers adjusted, sheep dirty area adjusted, water bump and speed adjusted and reduced, lighting adjusted, menu items fixed and much more. The biggest visual change for the map is that I have remade all the cutter effects for the multifruits now as well.

Have fun with it.

Donation link: paypal.me/StevieFSMods


  • Scheunenfund
    2018-08-17 23:18
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    Version 3.33 is this !
  • Ron


    2018-08-18 15:55
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    it wont let u bale straw
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