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Siebenberge Map v1.0
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Siebenberge Map v1.0

The first cockcrow woke you. A new day starts at your farm. Your tractors and machines are already waiting for you. The cows and sheep want to be fed, for example, with fresh grass from the large meadow next to your farm.

Your fields are ready to harvest (unless you play with the Seasons Mod ;-)

The railway company will gladly help you to transport your harvest and other bulk materials to your destination with a total of 5 trains, one of which is only for transporting wood from the large forest area. It gives you additional storage space and provides a supply of seeds, fertilizer and gasoline.

Many factories can be supplied directly by train. Of course, a normal delivery is possible. There are many different factories and production sites. Most of them are season independent.

Your grandfather has retired and produces the best fruit wine far and wide. He persists in the rumor that he has a secret distillery somewhere in the woods.


  • Jacques
    2018-04-09 12:09
    superbe map comme ont voudrais en voir plus en post bravo moi j'adore et je te félicite gracieusement de la joie que j'ai a jouer avec bonne continuation
  • Jacques
    2018-04-09 12:10
    beautiful map as we would like to see more post bravo me I love and I congratulate you graciously the joy that I have to play with good luck
  • Lordtm
    2018-04-10 20:19
    Map Review https://youtu.be/CkfWk3LovaA
  • Chris
    2018-04-11 08:58
    could u add more fruit types to this map please
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