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Silage Silo UPK v0.5
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Silage Silo UPK v0.5

The silo is for the production of silage! And not for storage! It's an alpha, so is expected to errors!

Version 0.5
Textures changed from wheat to grass
Clear Area, now there is no grass around the silo
Capacity increased to 10000000
thumb.db deleted
Incorrect path to store image fixed
Function added that you always see all levels (only when you are at the silo)
Fill Liters to 750
Production from 100 to 250 adjusted

Today I have a free repositionable Silage Silo for you. Apparently having some problems with the new silos, so the alpha version is premature and it could fail to occur! It converts Grass / chopped silage in order and has a capacity of 700000L! The whole process will take its time in one minute to 150L chips in silage converted!
The UPK is imperative Again, the clue -> it is still a development version and in the log entries are added to the player for you but no significant link have UPK -> http://download.universalprocesskit.de/

Other Information:
Your feedback is important to me, so write in the comments what you like or what you like less! The important thing that you Constructive criticism is this exercise, will destroy anything or Ignored! Let an evaluation and recommendation because if you like the mod, really only takes 5 seconds)

Other Credits:

If you have any problems with the mod you, you can send me directly write a Personal Message with your "Log.txt" file attached and a description of your intuitive Ausfühlichen error! I can without your log file do not help and it will take a lot longer until you can use the Mod in the full scope!

Respect for modders?
Since I can not help it that emerges the mod on other sites, I ask you out of respect for the work that I have made, the original use Download Link !!!

RESPECT modders

UPK -> mor2000

  • Jeje016
    2016-11-24 19:24
    le silo na pare par sur la carte
  • Przndoc
    2016-11-24 21:15
    So glad to see this mod for FS 2017!!!Upon downloading your mod, I attempted to install it, however the mod did not show-up in my Map. Could you take a quick look at the mod's coding and see if you find an issue and solution??Thanks for your hard work!!!!
  • Deafgamer
    2016-11-24 22:43
    How about adding lights to the silo? It would look great at night.
  • Jac


    2016-11-25 08:23
    Great to see this converted from FS15, noticed two issues. First the partial affect for the pipe doesn't stop if you drive the tipper away before it's full. Second it will not unload onto a conveyor belt.Really like this mod, good job!
  • Przndoc
    2016-11-25 18:47
    Very anxious to utilize this excellent MOD, and very thankful for your efforts. I realize it is an ALPHA version, and you are working diligently to resolve this minor glitch. Please don't give up on it...you have many fans awaiting this useful mod.Keep up the great work.......p
  • Mk5boost
    2016-12-08 05:01
    upon buying it, it doesn't show on the map
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