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Silospace SA v1.0
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Silospace SA v1.0

Here my TSL Silospace SA LS17
* Semi-trailer / loading wagons
* teilwaschbar
* Capa: 65,000
* Adjustable Haeckselklappe (mouse controlled)
* Adjustable king pin (mouse controlled) ... therefore fits for all FAST Truck
* Throat width: approx 3.20m
*Pick up
* Fruit type: bulk

<Category> loader wagons </ category>

* LOG clean

Have fun ... TheSecretLife
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Modell: TSL
Script: Standard
Idee / Konzept: TSL
Tester: TSL

  • Kvoch
    2016-11-07 19:23
    How to upload to the repository?
  • Brian james
    2016-11-11 10:25
    CANNOT UNLOAD IT!! at normal unload points. Great Trailer, I really love it , but I cant unload it into storage. Can unload into storage shelter but only drips at a time, took 20mins of real time to empty
  • Bulwark_77
    2016-11-18 18:02
    Unable to use tip triggers at animal pens or storage barns. May need to look and file and adjust. Was forced to dump on to ground to empty. Then bale or pick up with other forager wagon. I like it other wise. I thought there should have been one in FS15. Please fix and update. I would like to use it with proper function.
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