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Silvercrest Valley v1.0
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Silvercrest Valley v1.0

This is a edited version of Goldcrest Valley and my first mod.

The changes are:
> New farm with silo, barn, cows, sheeps, pigs and chicken.
> Small edit to sawmill and minor changes to the rest of the map.
> You can load the equipment back to the farm.
> More Trees

!I have not tried it in MP.!
The log is clean

Model: Giant
Texture: Giant/me
Script: Giant
Idea / Concept: me
Testing: me

  • Faelandaea
    2016-10-30 23:42
    Let me first say that this is an AWESOME version of Goldcrest. I love it and it feels very real. One problem, though. I cannot seem to be able to feed the pigs. I can water them, but the trigger for tipping food into their food bins appears to not be there. Any ideas? So far it's the only thing I could find wrong with the map. On the pigs I tested all the possible fruit types that pigs take and nothing would take. Water and Hay works ... just not their solid food t
  • Faelandaea
    2016-10-30 23:57
    Okay so follow up. The trigger areas for the pigs ARE there, but they appear to be too far inward. I apparently have to literally back a tipper into the fence physically to feed the pigs. In case anyone else is having an issue feeding or watering your pigs, that's the trick. Straw works perfect,. but the triggers for water and feed are inward just a touch too much.Still ... despite that small detail this truly is an awesome edit of the map and I plan to use it for my streams :)
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