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SimuRadio17 v1.4 Beta
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SimuRadio17 v1.4 Beta

Ladies and gentlemen,
with joy I can share them with that SimuRadio17 is officially out.
One of the renewals is example. the integierte Youtube Downloader, even if he immoment can only download videos.

TV channels:
SimuRadio17 has a station list users can add sender and thereby share it with others.
Only Links supports can be performed with the Media Player, if a link does not work once it informs us later directly from the program possible.
Important note: As the transmitters for all are visible in the list are not allowed Wrong left to add insults addition! This is the rundown of the function punished.!
Ps: files that have been added over the [+] button will not be displayed publicly for all, you will only see you in the list.

Youtube Downloader:
The Youtube Downloader can format MP4 Download and likewise SimuRadio then play it directly.
The location you choose.

Songs Speak:
Is this then hooked an alert appears each time you play the song which is currently underway.

Playback on the playlist of loop and repeats the selected song is disabled so they look for then the next file [Playlist Mode]

Private songs appear in the Radio list at the bottom [If you have added them] Completed least you the program they are removed from the list, this will be changed in the next version.

Extract all datein in a folder then you draw Get the link herraus anywhere where you want. [ALL OTHER FILES MUST IN FOLDER STAY ORDER TO AVOID WRONG!]

Here you can find us:
SimuTools community group: Click here!
SimuVerwaltungsTool: Click Here
Simugamer on Facebook: Click Here
SimuTools on Facebook: Click Here
For questions or problems here Sign Or Here Log

Modell: Nico.B,Jahn.V
Textur: Nico.B,Jahn.V
Script: Nico.B,Jahn.V
Idee / Konzept: Nico.B
Tester: Nico.B,Jahn.V
Sonstige: Nico.B,Jahn.V

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