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Sipma PK4000 v1.0
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Sipma PK4000 v1.0

Small square baler Sipma PK4000.

Model: LOLLL116
Programming: Rockstar94
Script: Burner, Manuel Leithner, Rockstar94

The ban edit and convert to other versions of the game !!!
The prohibition of changing the link !!!

The downloaded file transfer to mods (not unpack, do not change the archive name !!!)

Mod has:
- The functions of the approach: spreading, opening hatches, unloading bales, etc.,
- Moving parts: reel, counterweight, piston, chain, wom, etc.,
- Podbierak adapting to the terrain,
- Animations podbieranego material
- Removable cord,
- Bale Counter and other string,
- Can be installed feeder bale
- Trailer Hitch,
- Required patch 1.4


  • Farmer 2017
    2017-02-16 18:41
    Where is the pull behind wagon?
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