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Sled Trailer for ATV's & Snowmobiles v1
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Sled Trailer for ATV's & Snowmobiles v1

This is made for the snowmobiles to haul wood, Lambo-mods.com is working on passenger Scripting to be able to haul people around on the sled.

Plenty of Tension belts. You need to have a low hitch vehicle (ATV) or it will be tilted.

Color Changeable
and rear Attacher so you can link them together.
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Dies ist für die Schneemobile gemacht, um Holz zu schleppen und an Passagier-Skripten zu arbeiten, um Leute auf dem Schlitten herumschleppen zu können. Viele Spanngurte. Sie müssen ein Low-Hitch-Fahrzeug (ATV) haben oder es wird gekippt. Farbe austauschbar und hinten Attacher, so dass Sie sie miteinander verbinden können.

Lambo, Read modesc for any additional

  • Jack
    2017-10-24 21:07
    where do you get SNOWMOBILES at
  • Seth rollins
    2017-10-25 01:12
    go ask mommy if you can go to best buy and buy snowmobile simulator!I'm sure she'll make you work for it but you can drive snowmobiles all over !who the fuck cares about the snowmobiles....this is a FARMING GAME NOT snow simulator!!!!
  • Isaiah johnson
    2017-10-25 03:58
    SETH ROLLINS. calm down. the sleds are the coolest thing
  • Jack
    2017-10-25 12:33
    SETH ROLLINS i got 2 words for you suck it punk ass motherfucker
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