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Small Town USA v1.0
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Small Town USA v1.0

Hello this is my second map for FS2017 this map is just for farming there are no trains or sawmill it has 34 fields of which you own three this map is based around the south and it will take hard work to get ahead on this map.
Thanks, Big Hoss

Hallo, das ist meine zweite Karte für FS2017 Diese Karte ist nur für die Landwirtschaft gibt es keine Züge oder Sägewerk hat es 34 Felder, von denen Sie drei diese Karte basiert um den Süden und es wird harte Arbeit, um auf dieser Karte zu bekommen.
Danke, Big Hoss

Bonjour, c'est ma deuxième carte pour FS2017 cette carte est juste pour l'agriculture il n'ya pas de trains ou scierie, il a 34 champs dont vous possédez trois cette carte est basée autour du sud et il faudra du travail acharné pour aller de l'avant sur cette carte.
Merci, Big Hoss

I would like to thank Stevie for his help with a few errors
and all the people that tested the map for me and Marhu for the fabric script

  • Przndoc
    2017-02-27 23:43
    An OUTSTANDING Map! My new #1 ! I like your work and will continue to watch for further updates and/or Maps from you. Thank you so much for your hard work and expertise! przndoc
  • Bighoss
    2017-02-28 01:42
    Thanks and V2 with the slow saw mill will be out on my one drive later tonight you can find the link on my facebook page just look at the sign on the map
  • Starkerfarms
    2017-02-28 04:17
    I'm having a little problem, when I save the game and exit, then when I reload the savegame all of my equipment is gone. Any help would be awesome. Great Map!!!
  • Bighoss
    2017-02-28 08:48
    You have a mod in your folder that is causing the problem that has happen to me before I'm not sure with one
  • Map shot?
    2017-02-28 17:17
    Can you post a shot of the map?
  • Bighoss
    2017-02-28 18:14
    Ok i put a few more photos in
  • Jake
    2017-03-01 06:14
    I want too know, is their animals on this map
  • Bighoss
    2017-03-01 06:33
    Yes there is there just not trains or forestry but v2 will have forestry and v3 has greenhouses compost seeds and biofuel and there ready to upload but they will have a few errors and i will be updating but nothing to make you have to have a new save game
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