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Small Town USA V3
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Small Town USA V3

This is the last of a Three map style I hope you enjoy.

I thank everyone that makes the mods that I have installed into my maps .
From Big Hoss

  • Bighoss
    2017-03-04 18:31
    That video is not from me and im not sure what it is sorry
  • Love the map
    2017-03-04 20:32
    I love this map! Thanks for releasing it! Nice open areas with plenty of storage. The dirt road is a nice touch. Its a little bumpy but its more realistic it think. Thanks Again!
  • Andy
    2017-03-04 21:05
    why cant I make green house pallets
  • Sdl


    2017-03-04 21:07
    ces de la merde ilmarque des texture sur la map error 4 !!
  • Bob (wires)
    2017-03-04 21:30
    @ BigHoss... I am unable to get the "Saw Mill" ( boardwood ) Facility to work. It has "Logs and Foel, They are both going down in Quantity, but the operation is not Running, no output of Product, any ideas or reasons Why. Bob
  • Bighoss
    2017-03-04 21:40
    Ok I will check that out it was working but I will see if I have a problem sorry for the trouble everyone
  • Bob (wires)
    2017-03-04 22:23
    @ BigHoss.. Thanks, Have just run the Version 2 of the map, it is okay, run without mods.going to try that on Ver 3 Bob.
  • Bighoss
    2017-03-04 22:31
    Ok its broke I'm not sure why I'm working on it sorry guys
  • Bighoss
    2017-03-04 22:42
    Ok, everyone, it was the fabric script I put the wrong one in v3 for some stupid reason sorry it is working but I need to test everything else to
  • Bob (wires)
    2017-03-04 22:49
    @BigHoss..Is it a normal look of the Boards being strewn all over the place at the output point? Bob. Ps.. will wait for new upload...
  • Bighoss
    2017-03-04 23:42
    ok guys the map is fixed and is getting uploaded right now to my one drive same link that is here when it is done thanks for all the help and letting know about the problem
  • Bighoss
    2017-03-04 23:43
    bob if your talking about the board that just fall off the end up by the computer then yes and you can take them to the pallet place to
  • Bob (wires)
    2017-03-05 00:54
    @BigHoss...Hi, and Thanks, For now I have taken the Script from V2 and Copied to V3, Saw mill now works, But I am not getting a Reset of the Item "bretter" (Lumber) it goes to a Max of 140 units and will not Reset to zero, Thus the mill Stops, It did reset once or twice for me but not all the time. You mention above we can take the "lumber to Skid location, With What? Bob. Email [email protected]
  • Bob (wires)
    2017-03-05 02:16
    @BigHoss... Have downloaded the upgraded version, Saw mill is working, But I am still having a problem with the "Lumber" portion of the Factory, The item Hits the Max point (140 units) resets and starts over, This happens about a dozen times, Then stops, will not do a Reset.Mill stops functioning. Bob.
  • Bighoss
    2017-03-05 03:38
    ok, guys, my one drive is down they say iv meet my share limit sorry I did not know I had a share limit im looking into more share
  • Bighoss
    2017-03-05 04:41
    Ok one drive now has a share limit on it so until I can get it lifted im down I do have dropbox but I can not find a place to put it on here so if you can find big hoss on Facebook then you can still download it
  • Angel
    2017-03-05 12:12
    @BIGHOSS is this all fixed now can i DL from link above?
  • Fecos
    2017-03-05 12:34
    i can,t download , i love this map
  • Fecos
    2017-03-05 12:46
    i can`t download , i love this map can`t find find you
  • Fecos
    2017-03-05 12:51
    post a link please
  • Bighoss
    2017-03-05 13:43
    Sorry guys it cost too much to keep a link open this stuff is not free like I thought it was I just can not pay to keep the upload open in trying to find a way but it all cost money
  • Nestoche
    2017-03-05 22:14
    It cost $$$ to upload mods to Modhub.us..Really?
  • Hoosier
    2017-03-06 05:45
    I have a 1T dropbox if that would help you Big Hoss
  • Angel
    2017-03-06 07:14
    say what it costs nothing to upload to Modhub.us I know because i have uploaded trucks here not sure why you are saying it costs to keep them up :|
  • Angel
    2017-03-06 07:16
    ok your saying it costs to upload to one drive correct? just upload to Modhub.us BIGHOSS it costs nothing :)
  • Bighoss
    2017-03-07 03:49
    Ok I tried to upload to mod hub I may be doing something wrong guys my first two are on mod hub download but my v3 would not show up there download icon help if you can thanks
  • Bighoss
    2017-03-07 03:51
    But till I get it fixed go to my facebook and I will give you a link sorry for all the trouble https://www.facebook.com/BigHossGamer/
  • Tim121672
    2017-03-10 21:30
    here is the link to download this great map....enjoy. and don't forget to thank BIG HOSS, hes a great guy,,,,,https://www.dropbox.com/.../xzo9.../Small_Town_USA_V3.zip...
  • Puma
    2017-03-11 08:50
  • Steve
    2018-05-05 01:05
    The file onhttp://dl-file.com/d1clif49ebns/Small_Town_USA_V3.zip.htmlhas a virus in it.
  • Jeremy waugh
    2018-11-19 09:23
    so is there a fix? I love the map and want to continue playing it
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