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Small Utility Trailer v1.0
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Small Utility Trailer v1.0

I have converted this model from FS15 to FS17, In this mod is a lot of work for fixing this mod.

you can use this mod for transporting some equipment or vehicles around the map,
The trailer has:
- Lights
- Dust from wheels
- Working backdoor

you can see at all times my facebook page for more information:

Model by: JohnDeere1952
Converted by: Thijs1239
Fixed by: Thijs1239

  • Blackbelt
    2017-03-02 22:06
    thank you can you please convert other utility trailer like the load trail trailer
  • Thijs1239
    2017-03-02 22:10
    I am working on that trailer to, I think that one is done tomorrow or saterday
  • Blackbelt
    2017-03-02 22:20
    Ok Great I love to use this kind of mods for the mowing or logging operations
  • Cheesebot
    2017-03-03 01:12
    could you convert rambow145s john deere 2032r and all its parts please
  • Travis
    2017-03-03 02:42
    thanks big guy an yal show this guy some love for this one
  • Thijs1239
    2017-03-03 07:34
    @CHEESEBOT, I will try to convert that one [email protected], Thank you
  • Blackbelt
    2017-03-04 20:10
    When will the trailer be out?
  • Thijs1239
    2017-03-05 08:44
    I hope soon, but I have fixed something but the trailer does not work anymore, so i should fix that soon
  • Jimmyblues
    2017-04-07 13:03
    @THIJS1239 I don't have a problem with this mod I love it however it's a little bit too short for what I use it for, mainly transport my skidsteers around from site to site, couou maybe make it just a little longer? So it can fit more than one attachment on the trailer and a load lock feature would be awesome. Other than that the trailer is perfect.
  • Jimmyblues
    2017-04-07 13:04
    could* if I can type lol
  • Jimmyblues
    2017-04-07 13:06
    And maybe make the hitch into a standard hitch for trucks but that's a tiny detail it still hooks up and pulls prefect.
  • Logan
    2017-06-03 04:31
    can you convert this to console too please?!?!
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