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Small village by the sea v1.0.0.0
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Small village by the sea v1.0.0.0

Hello dear MH community!
Today I introduce my little village on the sea to the DL.
It has finished my stream and was built with my viewers. It's a small but nice map perfect for the single player or a small server. The map is MP capable!

Data for the map:
A land handler
All animals / even chickens)
8 fields (small to large)
Dirt Control
Permanent slurry tank (sheep)
A place for the buildings of the Strohberge AddOn
Support is only available on my Facebook page

Modell: Giants // Calli // 4x4 Modding
Textur: Giants // Calli // 4x4 Modding
Script: Giants // Calli // 4x4 Modding
Idee / Konzept: Giants // Calli // 4x4 Modding
Tester: Giants // Calli // 4x4 Modding
Sonstige: Giants // Calli // 4x4 Modding

  • Redsunrise
    2018-04-07 10:06
    This looks like a great map, will try this one for sure!
  • Olivier
    2018-04-07 15:23
    before downloading look at the name of the map and then look at the name you receive
  • Redsunrise
    2018-04-07 15:31
    Or just learn German...
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