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Snettertons Farm SMP Seasons update v1.0
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Snettertons Farm SMP Seasons update v1.0

FS17 Snettertons Farm SMP Seasons update. This is the none Dirt mod version.
New Gamesave Required
Remove the old Snettertons Farm SMP zip file from your mods folder, download the new file from my google drive, unzip the Snettertons Farm SMP v112 and place the Snettertons Farm SMP map zip into your mods folder.
Small fix to the gates. The old embedded script has been removed from the map so the issue with gates not opening should never happen again. Gates work via exiting the vehicle now by default, to open and close them from inside grab Blacksheeps Animated Objects Door Fix script update and place it into your mods folder. It can be found on the official Giants mod hub.

Donation link: paypal.me/StevieFSMods


  • Fid


    2018-02-15 09:35
    this is a true masterpiece perfect layout and terrain, just the right amount of mud, and best of all are the fields which are the best i have tried for the hired workers .....Stevie this is epic mate thanks .... who the fcuks THOMAS?
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