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Sosnovka world v1.1
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Sosnovka world v1.1

Hi folks so now it is so far the Sosnvka world is there.

Version 1.1
- Problem solved in the yard silo (all fruit types can be tipped)
- Food silo corrected
- 2nd courtyard next to the BGA Erstfallen

Since I was irritated that the cow and sheep pastures are also the LS17 far away from the farm, I have time off law.
The yard is larger and has new vehicles.
I fixed on the map all errors (there should be no error because now) the log is error free.
In Silo you can now store:    Wheat, barley, rapeseed, sunflower, soybean, potato, straw, straw, sugar beet, silage and grass
In the GARDE CENTER you can now Sell: straw, hay, grass and Hotz chips.


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