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Southern Cross Station Map v1.0
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Southern Cross Station Map v1.0

An Australian based map with a bit of everything.
Game Farming Simulator 17
Manufacturer map
Category Map
Author hocks23
Size 765.66 MB
Released 09.06.2017
Platform PC/MAC
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  • Outback edits
    2017-08-10 15:40
    awesome map. only map i play now
  • Beejaynz
    2018-06-08 00:51
    I downloaded a map with the same name last year, (west australia) we drove on the right and all the signposts were in german or dutch language. Is this an update of that map?
  • Nick
    2018-06-09 06:43
    @BEEJAYNZ Yep, in australia they drive on the left, only tourists drive on the right, also signs are in chinese or japanese not australian (check out the city of Cairns in Queensland as proof) its a very upside down country.
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