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Springdale Farms v1.0
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Springdale Farms v1.0

Welcome to Springdale Farms
This is a fictional location somewhere is the great U.S. of A. There are 2 farms for you to set up shop at. There is plenty to do several locations to sell your hay and straw pellets if you have the Straw Harvest dlc. Standard fruits including sugarcane are on the map. Many features have been added to the map. Seasons ready..

List of features

Seasons ready
Mud mod
Chopped straw ready
Dynamic sky
Custom textures
Manure mod (muck out the stall in the cow and sheep meadow)
animated horses, dogs, cats, pigs, cattle, and airplane.
Good supply of starting equipment
Grazing Mod
Animated gates
Fermenting silo
and more....

Map by GnG Modding

  • Holy crap this looks amazing
    2018-08-13 10:03
    Holy crap, this looks amazing.
  • Farmerst
    2018-08-13 15:26
    13 in a dozen map nothing new or special and longggg drive's
  • Lies
    2018-08-13 19:24
    LIES! This map is absolutely gorgeous, with so many details and the terrain and landscape buildings and everything, every little detail, have MANY MANY hours put into it. Where is your gorgeous map with everything!? This map is the best map I've ever played. I'm keeping it and fuck all the other cookie cutter shit maps. This map is what a map should be! 11/10.
  • Old macdonald
    2018-08-14 05:51
    Having spent a couple of hours looking around & driving, I've noticed 1 thing wrong with this map atm & that's the road by the Milk/Ice Cream Factory needs filling in to level it off, cause there's a dip in it. Otherwise a Great Map by the looks of it :) 8/10 from me... Keep up the good work.
  • @old macdonald
    2018-08-14 09:51
    Is there something wrong with the atm or can you not locate it? it is in the dealership. Thanks for you feedback..
  • Gng modding
    2018-08-14 10:10
    Hi guys we are glad you guys like the map. Thanks for all your kind feedback. The ATM is located in the dealership upstairs. We did put occasional ruts into the map to simulate washouts but we will look into this location to make sure it is not too drastic. Thanks again for the feedback it really helps us out a lot.
  • Brendan
    2018-08-14 10:15
    Yes very nice map, great work thanks
  • Old macdonald
    2018-08-14 21:19
    Thank you LOL at least some one knows what I meant....
  • Old macdonald
    2018-08-14 21:21
    And thanks GNG MODDING for a great looking map, I can see me playing it for awhile ..Hopefully.
  • This map has really great details and even trails around the outside, one that goes from farm to farm. The roads don't cause me long drives, because I have my vehicles adjusted to go faster. Anyway, this map is incredibly fun to play on. Even all alone, and it would be really fun for a half busy multiplayer game! One of my favorites to play on since the release of FS17.
  • Laudelrem
    2018-08-15 17:45
    Félicitations pour ton travail et merci pour le partage.
  • Diesel devil
    2018-08-16 02:01
    nice map ive played this more hours than any in awhile good job thanks for the hard work
  • Gng modding
    2018-08-16 02:13
    Glad you guys like the map your all very welcome. Makes all the long hrs we put into making it worth it knowing people are enjoying the map. Thanks so much....
  • Map issues
    2018-08-16 22:54
    loads of errors render device error unknown...nice map tho.. toss out the Horse dog cat airplane
  • @map issues
    2018-08-17 03:37
    my log is clean when i load the game. but I also run without no other mods.
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