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SpringHill Farm 17 v1.0
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SpringHill Farm 17 v1.0

Here we have the much awaited map, SpringHill Farm Converted from 13 to 15 and now to 17.
Everything works and has been tested in MultiPlayer.
Their should be no errors or glitches but if so, Leave a comment and ill fix it up.

Credits go to...

NI Modding for the origional map.

Nathay boy for converting it,

and Noxi for uploading it.

  • Dc-david
    2017-07-20 02:32
  • James
    2017-07-20 04:03
    So after Nathan Poole or better known as Nathan6930 releases on the fsc group and then it gets pulled down because NI modding gave NO permission too release the map we find yet another leaked map and you wonder why the big boys give up modding
  • Dave
    2017-07-20 04:50
    Shed doors where old milk station was has no triggers
  • Titaneman
    2017-07-20 06:01
    @ Dave, Its normal, the trigger point to maps/shed_animatedObjects.xml and the files was not there ;-)
  • Anonymous
    2017-07-20 11:44
    first thing Nathan poole should not of release it in fsc group without permission of ni modding this is why this sort of thing happens..second thing this map is full of errors lua some of the triggers don't work and the log is just full of errors I wouldn't give it the time of day
  • Mick
    2017-07-20 12:41
    Map is shit it laggs slighty with the seasons added , textures are off, errors here and there, and in real life we open shed doors not drive through them, plus it called RESPECT TO MODDERS thats why we ask before uploading, plus why was it removed by admin of the fsc group on Facebook because he thinks the same after all a year ago same thing happened when nathan poole uploaded a fs15 version and ni modding got wind and wasn't too pleased
  • Moses
    2017-07-20 22:33
  • Name
    2017-07-20 23:11
    and thats just MOSES virus and friends
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