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Stappenbach 17 v1.0.0.0
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Stappenbach 17 v1.0.0.0

One of the most successful maps of FS15 returns to your screens!

"Stappenbach in Oberfranken 17"

A versatile map, which now has newly designed forestry areas
and almost completely new textures made by Eribus (ForgottenPlants).
Like you know from the past, you can choose from different farms and Select your favorite farm.

You and your friends can work together or everyone on his/her own when playing a multiplayer game.

Next to the standard animals (cows, pigs and sheep) you will find pig
and cow fattening Farms as option to the standard gameplay.

Today, modern biogas plants are also a must have and can be found on the map.

You can also find a fair number of fields in the almost in an almost exact replica
of the real life area Stappenbach in the Game.

In the 2017 version of the map you get the possibility to connect fields
and meadows so you can use big equipment if that's what you like to do.

Be inspired by the extraordinary flair of a real replica of the
Area around Stappenbach in Oberfranken.

Have fun! - The LS-Modcompany

This Map has some mods included:
- ExtendedPlaceable:
-> Additional options when placing a placable object from the Store. This Script turns off collision so you can place everywhere.
You also can change the height of the placable (Keyboardbindings in the F1 Menu)
- mCompanyGraphics:
-> Visual Mod for buyable Objects and Productions
- TreeMarker:
-> Because the tree textures are different on the Stappenbach this mod was included into the map
- Mini Van(Transit):
- This is the transit from Giants Modhub that was moddified and is your starting vehicle on every farm

Using these Scripts and Mods with other Maps won't be tolerated, they are protected by a Creative Commons license.
Credits: ModdingWelt, Marhu
A big Thanks to ForgottenPlants, AgrarHautnah, MZG-Agrarservice!

LS-Modcompany - k1ckz/kevink98/Eribus/slowtide63

  • Name
    2017-09-18 15:31
    Why am I flying in the air aft
  • Dydy
    2017-09-18 15:32
    bravo enfin grâce a vous on retrouve une super bel map car vraiment bien modifier un vrai plaisir de jouer sur cet map merci a ceux qui l'on vraiment bien modifier bravo
  • Hvattis
    2017-09-18 16:40
    Great map but how can i bye another farm ?I got the monye but still nothing happend
  • Sebasfarmer
    2017-09-18 18:21
    why do i have to buy cow pig sheepfarms storage etc? and how do you buy them ?
  • Tim121672
    2017-09-18 20:11
    to buy something like a farm or storage, type in the amount that is required and hit enter.
  • Jacques
    2017-09-18 21:44
    je doit dire que cette map est vraiment bien penser rien ne manque textures choix des implantations et cette luxuriante végétation qui vous transportent comme si vous étiez sur le terrain genre de map que beaucoup d'entre nous apprécie mèmes en solo j'en reste admiratif un grand merci de nous faire rêver bonne continuation mon amis
  • Jacques
    2017-09-18 21:45
    I must say that this map is really well thought nothing missing textures choice of settlements and that lush vegetation that carry you as if you were on the field kind of map that many of us enjoy solo memes I remain admiring a great thank you to make us dream good continuation my friends
  • Shit
    2017-09-19 20:44
    to be truthful dont no what all the fuss is about deleated with in ten mins
  • Name
    2017-09-19 23:08
    if the scripts are on ModdingWelt & Marhu it means its public domain therefore anybody can use them , so to turn round and say we cant your more a numpty than you think
  • Zorro4
    2017-09-20 17:44
    You can link to the car on the 2.04 minute.
  • Farmerst
    2017-09-26 12:59
    where can you buy animals
  • Name
    2017-09-26 20:50
    je n'arrive pas a trouver ou mettre le fuel a la scierie pouvez vous m'aider svp merci
  • Javier
    2017-09-28 09:49
    yo tampoco puedo poner el combutible en el aserradero
  • Javier
    2017-09-28 10:13
    yo tampoco puedo poner el combustible en el aserradero
  • Perceval50
    2017-09-28 12:38
    bonjour j'aime cette map mais très complique je ne trouve pas ou je dois mettre les patates et pour les animaux des autre fermes comment il faut faire merci
  • Perceval50
    2017-09-28 12:53
    bonjour j'aime bien cette carte on devrais fournir un mode d'emplois avec
  • Kees
    2017-10-26 10:51
    By far the best map for FS17!
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