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Stara Absoluta 44 v1.0
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Stara Absoluta 44 v1.0

Hi! Everything's Fine With You. Hj. I Brake The Plant.
Stara Absolute 44 Made By Our Friend And Partner Luiz Eduardo Lima
Planting 44 Floor Lines To Make The Plant Of Your Farm
Well Fast In Good Game To All!

Luiz Eduardo Lima


  • Ls-hewaaa
    2018-03-19 00:09
    41 MB, Macke wa
  • Hmadsen
    2018-03-19 16:20
    Works perfect, theres no errors in log, nor errors in game, no sliding. If you want it to sow more crops, just add those crops in xml
  • Eagle355th
    2018-03-19 23:08
    Awesome Thanks!
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