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Starter Map - Frontier Design v1.0
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Starter Map - Frontier Design v1.0

A 2km x 2km starter map for Farming Simulator 17, by Frontier Design.

Map Features:
- All Fs17 features added.
- Multi Terrain Angle
- Chopped Straw
- Custom Sky textures.
- Custom Foliage, and Ground textures.
- New Grass distance textures.

- BulletBill
- GIANTS gmbh

  • Jb3pc4sale
    2017-11-06 00:55
    You need to be more detail in description 1. Is this after update 1.5.1 and it has the sugarcane and snowmask. Or this a pre update. Please clarify.
  • Gw


    2017-11-06 00:55
    I sure do wish someone would put out a starter map that works. It says it has splines and other items that are not there. Some items come up from plane. Cow barn don't even fit mesh. no splines. Waste of time downloading
  • Wow...
    2017-11-06 06:39
    It's a fair guess that the people who have commented on this map are americans. How can I be so sure? YOU'RE RETARDED. Is it something in the water in america that makes you people so bloody retarded?
  • Pablo
    2017-11-06 12:41
    hi .....There is a lot of Starter Maps out there but I wish one of you good people would put a multi fruit map with carrots onions ect as I have look about and can not find any . I would do this myself but I haven.t got a clue to do this. I have tried to do it but with no luck . So I,m calling to you good people out they to make a starter map with carrots and onions thanks
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