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Starter Map 4X v1.0.0.0
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Starter Map 4X v1.0.0.0

This is the map02-Sosnovka map, flattened to 100 and cleaned up, expanded to 4X, left field 1 in fields folder with owned ByPlayer box ticked, just remember to untick
or delete before duplicating for fields. Added nice straight boundry around map so you don't fall off, Have added Choppedstraw and AditionalMapTypes to map, so here's a big
Thank You to webalizer for the Choppedstraw mod and BlackSheep - RC-Devil for the AditionalMapTypes_V1.0.0.9_Final mod that i used in making this starter map, remember
to add the Choppedstraw mod to your mod folder before using. error free, in both editor and game play. enjoy.

brownthumb, webalizer, BlackSheep - RC-Devil, giants software for the original map.

  • Nikos
    2017-07-17 23:19
    When I go to buy a vehicle it comes out of this message "Delivery space blocked. Please move other items out of the way " what to do ???
  • Brownthumb
    2017-07-18 02:15
    need to import a vehicle shop
  • Nikos
    2017-07-18 19:10
    I did import nothing but my own message comes out
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