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State Valley Final Final
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State Valley Final Final

This is State Valley Farms. This was originaly Sosnovka map but i made it completly American. Lots of sell points and added features. Has chopped straw added. Has a farmers retreat for the downtime seasons. Map is complety error and warning free. Enjoy!

Dies ist State Valley Farms. Das war ursprünglich Sosnovka Karte, aber ich habe es komplett amerikanisch gemacht. Viele Verkaufspunkte und zusätzliche Features. Hat gehacktes Stroh hinzugefügt. Hat eine Landwirte Rückzug für die Ausfallzeiten Jahreszeiten. Karte ist komplett Fehler und Warnung frei. Genießen!

C'est State Valley Farms. Suite Cet avis vous a-t-il été utile? Beaucoup de points de vente et de fonctionnalités supplémentaires. A paille hachée ajouté. Est-ce qu'un agriculteur se retire pour les saisons d'immobilisation? La carte est complétée par erreur et sans avertissement. Prendre plaisir!

Jest to państwowe Dolina Farms. To był oryginalnie Sosnovka map, ale zrobiłem to zupełnie amerykański. Dużo sprzedazy punktów i dodatkowych funkcji. Czy sieczki dodał. Rolnicy ma odwrotu dla sezonów przestojów. Mapa jest błąd complety i ostrzegawcze darmo. Cieszyć się!

Giants most of all
Myself for all the edits
To all those who has made the buildings and objects. Would take a lifetime founding out what where came from.

  • Trash
    2017-03-10 18:08
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    Trash Map Locks up Game will not load.
  • Jim


    2017-03-10 19:47
    0 0
    ^^^^^^^^ Works very well on my end.. Very nice map i may say. For once an error free mod on this site. Thanks for this wonderful map Thomas!!!
  • Mr


    2017-03-10 20:26
    0 0
    locks up and wont load on mine as well. no mods in file but this map.
  • Rob


    2017-03-10 21:11
    0 0
    Good map! I just wish all the fields weren't surrounded by trees that can't be cut with the poncho, you have to hand cut them which takes forever and they are in the way of using large equipment.
  • Dirtbroke
    2017-03-11 00:51
    0 0
    Thank You for all your work. Great, fun, American style map, but after about an hour it causes a full crash on my crappy laptop.
  • Mike
    2017-03-11 09:17
    0 0
    Ok to those who game is crash you must be on a low end PC cause this map runs smooth as a babys ass on my end. Very well detailed. Much brighter too i have noticed then other maps. Very well done on this
  • Oldfarmer
    2017-03-11 20:34
    0 0
    locks up my laptop have to reboot and i don't have a low end laptop all other maps load fine no problems fix it please
  • Hans
    2017-11-06 12:22
    0 0
    dont work
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