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STEYR Plus 768 v1.0
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STEYR Plus 768 v1.0

Hello, now it is time, the update or the continuation of the Mod STEYR Plus 760/768 is finished as V1 times.
The 760 has been left out, since we have opted for the stronger or somewhat heavier model 768 to continue.
One reason was, among other things, in the zip file to reduce the MB number, so that people with a bad Inet line can load the Mods faster onn DEDI server.
The twin wheels were exchanged / replaced by LS17 twin wheels.
The front weight of the Steyr Plus 760 was expanded and made viable (is included in the zip file -> does not have to be enpakt)

ATTENTION: There will be another update.
Construction period: 1977 - 1979
Engine: Steyr WD 408.43
Gearbox: Synchronized Steyr group gearbox with 16v and 8r gears
Tank capacity: 83l
BJ: 1978
Dead weight: 2757 kg
Type plate
Sound is from a Steyr Plus 760

A great THANKS goes to forbidden-mods for sharing to the Siloking Terminal.
from the outside:
Removing / removing front fender
Doors (canopy top) on / off button R
Left door (cabin top, Steyr ISO cabin) open / close button R
Snow chains (rear) on / off button R
Twin tire (rear / wheel set: 4-wheel alpin) on / off button R

Shop configurations:
Front loader attached:
Yes or no

Engine version:
Standard engine: Steyr WD 408.43 (64 PS)
Optional: stronger injection pump (+8 hp)

Wheel setup:
Standard tires: rear: 380/85 / R34
Care: rear: 230/95 / R44
All-wheel drive: front: 320/70 / R24 rear: 380/85 / R34
All-wheel drive Alpin: front: 400/70 / R20 rear: 420/85 / R30

Cabin top
Fritzmair hood
Lugstein cabin
Steyr ISO Cabin (+ Arbeisscheinis)

Other functions:
IC control:
Front window for opening / closing (cabin top, Fritzmair hood, Steyr ISO cabin)
Left door for opening / closing (cabine cab, Steyr ISO cab)
Show / Hide Siloking Terminal

Animated / Illuminated:
Tachometer, tank indicator, compressed air indicator (only illuminated, needle is defective)

Working light front: NUM 5 button (Steyr ISO cabin)
Rear working light: NUMBER button 6
swing axle
Exhaust wackel script blocked
Low beam + high beam + workbeam somewhat yellowish as well as in real life

Required / Recommended Mods:
Drive Control:
Gearbox addOn:
Dynamic Trousers ready:
Feed Mixer from FBM (forbidden-mods):
Kirchner / Pöttinger Mist spreader:
Bauer manure spreader:
1 axle tipper:

STEYR Modding Team in FB
A buddy or supporter of us:
When uploading on other sites, please use the original DL link and do not forget to enter credits.
When uploading on other sites, please use the original DL link and do not forget to enter credits.
We wish you much fun and joy with this mod. :)
STEYR Modding Team
(Unknown000, steyrmodder, domi, john)

Modell: DeutzAgroxta / STEYR Modding Team, Siloking Terminal: forbidden-mods/Bremi456
Textur: STEYR Modding Team, Siloking Terminal: forbidden-mods/Bremi456
Script: Alex2009, Fruktor, Manuel Leitner, Modelleicher, PeterJ - euroDZN, Sven777b, Xentro (Dynamic Hose Skript)
Idee / Konzept: STEYR Modding Team
Tester: STEYR Modding Team
Sonstige: Sounds: STEYR Modding Team
Pflegereifen (Felgen): CebuljCek Modding
Schneektten: CebuljCek Modding

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