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Stiffi 2017 v3.0
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Stiffi 2017 v3.0

Hi folks so now it is so far the Stiffi 2017's there.

- Sawmill installed
- second courtyard with miniBGA and hay store
- Weidetore, Rolltor and Werkstatt installed
- Textures for buildings and grain
- Large meadow and forest
- Seed, fertilizer, gas station, halls, mixing station, PigMax2000 installed
- Feed storage, field and storage for seed and fertilizer
- You can sell seeds, fertilizer and pig fodder (please read the map on the map)

Ps. I have only tested the map in single mode

Since I was irritated that the cow and sheep pastures are also the LS17 far away from the farm, I have time off law.
The yard is larger and has new vehicles.
I fixed on the map all errors (there should be no error because now) the log is error free.
I will Stiffi 2017 Map expand ever further!
Look in
MfG LS-Andy


  • Toro
    2016-12-17 01:47
    HalloSchöne Map. Aber input Bindingfehler bei den Hoftoren (alle 3)Mal sehen ob ich noch weitere Fehler finde.MfGTORO
  • Mike
    2016-12-18 08:11
    Me and my friends have been playing this map on multiplayer and have found some issues. The unloading pit covers aren't able to be opened by anyone but the host and even if the host opens them the other players still can't dump in them. Also the feed and water troughs are not able to be used by anyone but the host. Same with all gates and doors on the map. Please fix this because we all love this map and are looking forward to many joyful hours playing it together.
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