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Storage Pallets v1.0
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Storage Pallets v1.0

With this pallets you can store potatoes, beets and wood...

Avec ces palettes, vous pouvez stocker des pommes de terre, des betteraves et du bois ...

Com estas paletes você pode armazenar batatas, beterraba e madeira ...

TMP / Giants Software

  • John
    2017-04-18 15:37
    it would be cool if this could hold all the fill types
  • Hugo94fr
    2017-04-18 16:52
    John, you have more ideas for future V2 ?
  • John
    2017-04-20 01:25
    the only thing i can think of is a tractor mounted loader and a front end loader for the pallet fork.
  • Wtf


    2017-05-06 16:23
    @Hugo94Fr As John suggested, adding all fill types is a must and i mean ALL fill types. I want to use them for keep and refiling fertilizer and seeds my sowing machines. I tried to add "bulk" or "bulk_windrow" in the .xml but without success. Adding FrontLoader and WheelLoader function is the easy thing. Also will be useful to can move the empty pallets by hand and the ability to fill them from grain storages. I'm waiting for the V2.
  • John
    2017-07-12 20:42
    is the V2 Ever going to come out
  • Name
    2017-10-05 15:50
    Terrible spam links that mess up the browser. Upload to modhub if you actually want people to use this :(
  • @name
    2018-02-07 04:19
    Learn to download stuff and not sit there and let adds take over, Come on its not that hard
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