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Storage / shelter v1.0
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Storage / shelter v1.0

This building can be used as a warehouse and as a shelter. It can be placed. All you tilt pure, remains in the camp. There are 3 colors to choose from. Through the dynamic plan in LS17 can any bulk tilt in the bearing and also removed again with a front loader or a conveyor belt.
The uses are manifold.

It has lighting to also be able to work in the dark. The interior and exterior lights can be separately controlled. The light switches to be found on the front I-beams.

It is NOT suitable for installation with the Giants Editor since Giants still must fix a bug in the game so that the bearing works installed on the Map. A version for the GE will be submitted!

Length: 35 m
Width: 12 m

To dye:
-) Green
-) Red
-) Grey

The mod can also be offered on other sites to download but only by linking to my site! = mod-creator.at/Mod
The Mod can be release on other sites, but only by linking to my site! = mod-creator.at/Mod

Modell: Fendtfan1 (Mod-Creator)
Textur: Fendtfan1 (Mod-Creator)
Ingame: Fendtfan1 (Mod-Creator)
Beleuchtung: Niggels (VertexDezign)

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