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Sudthuringen v1.0
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Sudthuringen v1.0

Welcome to the SüdThüringenMap
The card has now reached a level that appears a publication worthy. However, errors can not be ruled out. Despite many tests there are certainly bugs. I simply just a teif regard this map, now you have to find with help Bugs and one probably even the same solution proposals with attach. In addition, quite a few versions unfizelle kusieren the web, because I do not want you to withhold my version. I ask you the error as much as possible to describe that they are comprehensible to us. We are only human who lend their time at their leisure. ;)
If people from know what portfolios terms and want to help the map can continue to improve feel free to contact us on Facebook.! ( Https://www.facebook.com/AgrarGrabfeld/ )

The map runs Error and Warning free! However, there are errors when you use the MapDoorTrigger of LS15.
For people who played by the map as early as 15, it should be no problem to find your way, for any other of the PDA should be instructive.

Recommended Mods:

What you'll find on the map:
- Verker
- Fields Purchase
- 9 villages with fictitious names, embedded in an idyllic landscape. Three courtyards, a main courtyard, a dairy, and a pig. In addition there are sheep and Hüher.

What you will find, where:
village Fuchstal
- Used equipment dealers (LTZ)
- BayWa (sales of grain)
- Train Station (sales of grain)
-Gas station

village Lalenstadt
- Deuka shop

village Oechsen

municipality Turmgut
- Motocross track

Builders of the map:
-fendtxylon524, Lars A, themodtesterjunior, farmers Pitti, Olli0710, bulldog13,
were Modder Derren objects, textures, etc. ... Thanks to you all!
-Niggels939, Eckert35, webalizer, El_Cid, Buschi, Vanilla, Katsuo, XXMalleXx, Fatian, Steffen30Muc, AndiScania, Tommi-1, Bull Gore, Giants, Nick98.1, Patii, Raptor5, Polska, Fendt512C, freak2009, ...

The card can be offered only to the original link in other forums or the like! The file may not be uploaded again!

-fendtxylon524, Larsseine, themodtesterjunior, Landwirte Pitti, Olli0710, bulldog13,
Modder Derren Objekte, Texturen, etc. verwendet wurden ... vielen Dank an euch alle!
-Niggels939, Eckert35, webalizer, El_Cid, Buschi, Vanilla, Katsuo, XXMalleXx, Fatian, Steffen30Muc, AndiScania, Tommi-1, Bullgore, Giants, Nick98.1, Patii, Raptor5, Polska, Fendt512C, freak2009,…
Lsfamer2011 lsfamer2011

  • Donald
    2016-12-12 17:06
    Having problems getting the map to load.
  • Donald
    2016-12-12 17:10
    Having problems getting the map to load.Error: Can't add keyframe. Time is not strictly monotonic increasing.
  • Tyler
    2016-12-12 17:16
    all this map does for me just kick out without loading well get 1/2 way loading than it well kick out
  • Mike
    2016-12-12 17:52
    Ne fonctionne pas, même sans les mods. Bloque au niveau du chargement. Dommage
  • Faelandaea
    2016-12-12 20:23
    Did a great mod review on this map. It shows that you should not download. Doesn;t even load in the game. Good job, LOL ;)
  • Gesax27
    2016-12-13 02:08
    when tha map is loading the game crash :/
  • Doug lett
    2016-12-13 06:36
    Wont load crashes game
  • Olivier
    2016-12-13 10:03
    Ne fonctionne pas !! même sans mods .....
  • Loic60
    2016-12-13 13:34
    bonjour pour ma part le jeu ne crash pas mais la partie ne ce lance pas Error: Can't add keyframe. Time is not strictly monotonic increasing."Error: Can't add keyframe. Keyframe controls not the same attributes."merci de corriger car la map a l air vraimment bien
  • Nikolaj
    2016-12-14 11:47
    I can't load the map, and my farming crash
  • Razormen
    2016-12-14 18:54
    A MOD HUB Ont peu pas ce connecter a la MAP !!!! = ERREUR CRACH = GAME OVER vous piger les mec 0/10 sa doit être une belle map mais juste si ont sais y jouer ??? mais La c'est Déco pas de page qui s'ouvre OK ???? supprimer cette map SVP
  • Firehawk
    2016-12-15 04:02
    Map will not load and crashes my game every time.
  • Patrik
    2016-12-20 12:29
    dobra je to mapa vinikajucia
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