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SugarCane v1.2
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SugarCane v1.2

SugarCane version 1.2
fillTypes = sugarCane
capacity = 10000000
fruitType = sugarCane


  • Littlemaxx
    2019-08-01 00:32 Send message
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    Both units in the zip file are for FS17
  • Rayamo
    2019-08-01 22:18 Send message
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    well, the pack is also offered in the FS17 area of that portal.
  • @modauthor
    2019-08-02 20:53
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    I see what you did, how clever of you to take someone else's mod (that is already on this site) and to edit the capacity and repost it as your own (without giving due credit to the original mod author). You want to be careful though, If others catch on, you could start a trend where everyone just copies from each other ad infinitum, ...that would be ...very bad.
  • Noris1225
    2019-08-02 23:50
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    LITTLEMAXX-I did not edit anyone's module, I do not even know if it is so suspicious that it is in ls19, even the header is the holmera I had to modify the hook of the harvester's author - Custom Modding and hedera- NcRaiders
  • Noris1225
    2019-08-03 12:23
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    above applies to statements-MODAUTHOR
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