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Sussex Farm v2.0.0.0
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Sussex Farm v2.0.0.0

A landscape similar to some areas around Sussex UK with random areas for placable items.

Changelog v2.0.0.0
- Complete map overhaul.
- Updated for consoles.
- Added seasons.
- Added Sugarcane.
- Added sell points opening hours (most are 6 till 9).
- Added Manure buy point at Live Stock Market.
- Added ability to turn off Air-Traffic (Jumbo-Jet) at the airfield watchtower.
- Lowered Field prices.
- Lowered/Changed some clipping distances.
- Deleted/Replaced some objects due to minor lag issues.
- Various other fixes.

3 Farms, All Animals, 36 Fields, 7 Placeable Areas, 5 Grass Areas, Field Missions, Forestry, BGA, Gold Nuggets.

lots of places for you to explore.
Seasons and Sugarcane ready.

Map in aid of "SOS Childrens Villages".


  • Ciderwar
    2018-04-12 06:05
    Best map ive played to date,well done mate.
  • Lanmili
    2018-04-29 08:59
    So nice map.But there is a invisible barrier when you drive from the farm to field 6 in the side next to the bushes. but still the best map i`ve seen so far :)
  • Mike
    2018-05-11 13:42
    terrible map. designed by and for 6 year olds
  • Sarah
    2018-05-11 18:27
    why cant i unload grass at the sheep food place?
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