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T-170 v1.3.0.0
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T-170 v1.3.0.0

The sound is changed, the exhaust pipe is re-textured. Added wipers (automatically triggered during rain).

Corrected the script caterpillars, now when transporting the trawl caterpillars are stationary. Added support rollers.

Power: 160 l / c, speed: 11 km / h. Dump volume: 10,000 liters. Rearview mirror, dashboard animation, turn control lever and exhaust pipe cover, tow hitch. Lighting technology, washable. The log is clean!

Authors: Myjaki, dim-dim, wraith72

  • Sadsatan
    2017-06-17 15:18
    wonderful mod, i love it! will be more beautiful if you add a 3 point hitch to attach the plow!
  • Guest
    2017-06-17 16:07
    why don't you do all the changes and updates at once to a mod, instead of having game players downloading your little fixes each time, it may be a good mod, but people are sick of of downloading over & over again.
  • @guest
    2017-06-17 17:15
    stop your bitching... unless you can do it better. where's YOUR mods? just another crybaby wanting the easy way out. don't like the way the mod is handled? don't download the mod! crybaby problem solved.
  • Warondar
    2017-06-26 19:05
    People are sick of re-downloading updated mods?Well I'm not, and pretty sure there are at least a couple more who don't mind.Rather have a mod fixed no matter how many times versus one that is full of bugs.Just saying.Thanks for the 'updated' mod.
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