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Talberg map v1.0
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Talberg map v1.0

Welcome to our Talberg-Map It is a middle courtyard with some machines. You are fresh from the city and you should take over from your deceased grandmother. Even if you have little experience in terms of agriculture or forestry, this is of course not important because you have time, some machines and you can start at rest. The map is error-free and also the LOG! Thanks to the whole team, Jan, & Bauer Andraste for their hard work! The map can only be offered under the original link! What awaits you on the map: - Medium - Large Fields - Steep and hilly fields - Narrow paths and curves - Middle courtyard - Different levels of cow, sheep and pigs - Animals are all at the farm and therefore easy to reach - fields pre-planted - Sawmill - Wood chips from forest - unloading stations - BGA - land trading - Village The traffic & pedestrian have not yet been inserted, so there is no train on this map! Everything else will be in other versions! Feel free to submit your suggestions! The rating of course not forgotten!

Credit: Happyfunny21, Jan, Bauer Andraste

  • Happyfunny21
    2016-11-14 19:14
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    I ask you to delete my map Talberg from your site, I have made a screen and will start legal steps and make a complaint! You use my pictures and do not use my original link!I will control it, to which your website is written on a public blacklist! And is thus visible to every user!Mfg Happyfunny21
  • Mike
    2016-11-14 20:23
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    Dear HAPPYFUNNY21, If this is your intellectual property than you are right but why don't you use not your real name. Anyone can say that it is theres. So good luck with your legal steps. You have no chance.
  • Warondar
    2016-11-14 21:20
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    It's a good map, but modders need to realize that they own any copyright on released mods/maps that they have made with Giants software. Giants has clearly stated this on their forums. If it's released by you online, then you can't control what happens to that file. Of course you deserve full credit, but that's about all you'll get out of any legal proceedings you go through. Thanks for the map though.
  • Warondar
    2016-11-14 21:22
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    That was supposed to be DO NOT own any copyright.
  • Mako
    2016-11-15 00:56
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    lol, children thinking they "own" a map. Read the giants eula regarding modding kid, you do not own anything, Giants owns it all, it is their game but you can get credit for "this" version of the map (the hash). This is a great game and giants has a huge modding community that makes the game much more dynamic and enjoyable. Have fun and share with the community, you'll be much happier in life. The community will support a happy modder that doesn't expect anything in return
  • @happy
    2016-11-16 08:50
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    Literally the ONLY way that you ever own any mod you create is to NEVER release it. If you once put it up for download or give it to a friend or w/e you no longer OWN it and it can freely be distributed anywhere to anyone without your permission and without legal repercussions for the person distributing it.Oh btw....HAVE A WONDERFUL HAPPY FUNNY FARMING DAY!
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