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Tank Tech Tanker Pack v1.0.0.0
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Tank Tech Tanker Pack v1.0.0.0

With a class leading design, capacity of 40000 litres, optional overload pipe and the ability to externaly control the cover and overload pipe even when not connected to a vehicle.
These transport tanker will take care of all your liquid transport needs.

1) Multi Tanker (MT44) - A Multi Tanker that is capable of carrying all liquids. If shop option 'Show Fill Wrap' is choosen, a custom tank wrap is displayed depending on the fill type that is added.
IMPORTANT NOTE (PC / MAC): The Multi Tanker 'can not' pickup fuel from defualt fuel triggers, only factory triggers and overloading is supported.

2) Fuel Tanker (FT44) - A Fuel Tanker for the transport of fuel and refilling of vehicles in the field. Depending on your configerations a custom tank wrap is displayed on the taker when fuel is added.

IMPORTANT: Due to the use of scripts and brand restriction on consoles the following features are only available on PC & MAC.
1) Visable Overload Pipe.
2) Liquid discharge effects.
3) Ability to dump excess liquid.
4) External operation of Pipe and Cover.
5) "REAL Brand" Tank Wraps. (Generic options are still available.)
6) Support for fill pipe. (Milk Trigger, Fabrik and mCompany scripts by Kevink98)


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