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Tatra 815-2, Terrno1 a Facelift Agro Merin
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Tatra 815-2, Terrno1 a Facelift Agro Merin

My conversion from FS13 to FS17 - Beta version
The package includes the Tatra 815 Euro1 Agro, the Tatra 815 Terrno Agro and the Tatra 815 Terrno Facelift Agro with the real sound of the engine.
Furthermore, a manure spreader with a modified face that does not collide with the exhaust. And Agrostar Fecal.
Tatras have an additional rear frame .. N key
The S3 body changes capacity .. Z key
It is possible to use grain and forage from Strážnice.
Known error - if you use Couresplay and the course is recorded by another vehicle, the Tatras drive about 1.5m on the right.
Some hulls may require a No Colision Camera mod
Please do not disclose publicly, for private purposes only.


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