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Tatra 815 Gear Box v1.2.1
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Tatra 815 Gear Box v1.2.1

Mirror reflections removed from cab and body
Removed chrome discs.
Mod adapted to the mod Gear Box.
Truck fully adapted
under the mod Gear Box (mod on the gearbox)
Real transmission ratios of 14 TS 180 T for each gear are registered, Now the truck has a 16-speed gearbox (14 forward gears and 2 reverse gears)
If you are playing without a gear box, then there’s nothing wrong with a truck that works fine without it.
The letter N or V next to the gear number (on the Gear box label) means the lowest (N) or highest (V) gear.

Choice of cabin color, and body color.
Engine selection 285 l / h or 310 l / s.
Animation mudguards and suspension.
Dust appears and traces remain.
Workers tidy and lighting.
Work mirrors
IC control (doors, windows and sunroof).

Cheb_mods, Mr.President

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