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Tatra Phoenix LS17 v1.0
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Tatra Phoenix LS17 v1.0

Tatra Phoenix Agro Truck for Farming simulator 17
Ao texture
wheel suspension
wheels Exchange
Power: 462
Maximum Speed: 83
Price: 165200
Dailyupkeep: 590
Brand: Tatra
Category: Trucks
Author: LadisLS


  • Redfox
    2018-07-30 20:31 Send message
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    Mod stammt von FBM! Kann man eindeutig daran erkennen, wenn man mal genau hinschaut. Wurde nur billigst daran rumgepfusch, dass der Mod ausschaut wie der normale Tatra aus dem Spiel.Mod is stolen!
  • Ladisls
    2018-07-30 22:16 Send message
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    Original Linkhttp://sharemods.com/h36f44d34i45/Tatra_Phoenix_AgroTruck.zip.html
  • Redfox
    2018-07-30 22:25 Send message
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    Nix original link!Original Mod is from FBM team, where you just messed around.No permission for it and with own credits simply put to the DL.What do you think a foreign mods of others to take and spend as yours?No respect!
  • Ladisls
    2018-08-01 01:07 Send message
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    The original mod is Giant and Fbm made their way. here are the made-up configurations for wheels and Ao textures that we did ourselves. So the thief's respect for the thief. Good Thinking
  • Fbm-team
    2018-08-02 01:29 Send message
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    The fact is they use my work, delete the configurations from the XML document and just use them as DL work without permission.Is there enough evidence that it's my mod!
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