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Tatra T148 Pack v1.0
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Tatra T148 Pack v1.0

now also with liquid fertilizer trailer. (only for transport) quite useful for the Lehndorf or something.

Today I present to you a Tatra T 148.
Ingame brought by EmikMODEL, made common by me and added a few more things that it seems a little more lively. But is still in beta status and expandable. So what's in it all: 1x truck (with color choice) - configurable as a tipper - with befitting construction and as tractor unit with 4 semi-trailers for wood (Autoload), fuel, water and milk. She also did not want to summarize one.

MOD is for this forum only and may NOT be uploaded elsewhere!


  • Seanpierce
    2017-12-23 06:08 Send message
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    tipper body has a error when unloading the fill planes show but when you go to unload non of the will show it unloading its dumps but does not show a plane on grown and when the body get half way you will see the stuff come out a little but will stay at the same cap
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