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Terra Felis 2 v1.0.0.1
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Terra Felis 2 v1.0.0.1

Edited the Terra Felis 2 to pick up all Bulk fill types. and changed a few other small things Picture shows it picking up Woodchips.

DarkXBlaze, FDR, Giants

  • Tony
    2016-11-04 18:06
    I have no wheelsError: wheelConfigIndex 'n12v4' not found in 'data/vehicles/wheels/trelleborg/TM1000_710_60R34.xml'
  • Steven
    2016-11-05 04:50
    Shut up Tony
  • Giggi02
    2016-11-05 17:35
    @StevenWhat is your Prob. ???
  • Marco
    2016-11-07 00:16
    Love it! No problems operating at all. Is there an easy way to tweak it locally (on my computer) just to narrow it a bit? It is just about 1 meter too wide for the silage bunker.
  • Darkxblaze
    2016-11-08 06:42
    @MARCO yes but it would look odd if you want i can do that for you but not sure if it will look right.
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