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The Abandoned Forest v1.0
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The Abandoned Forest v1.0

This map is not for everyone.
It has a built in GEO that will make the winters cold and snowy. The growing season is very short and you only have 5 buyable fields, all un-owned, and most of them need cleared. You enter the map owning nothing more than an old pickup truck and a few random implements leftover from the previous owner.
While the map does have all the standard functions of FS17, it is set in a remote area far away from the main road. There is no town, rather one central train depot that acts as all your buying and sale points.
Don't get stuck, it's a long drive back to the farm if you have to reset your vehicle. Oh, and fuel prices are 5x higher than normal and the gas station at the career start point is the only source of fuel on the map.

- Flatlander84
- BulletBill
- Giants gmbh
- ccs101
- Dorset
- Oxygendavid
- Blacky_BPG
- theSeb
- Rahkiin
- reallogger
- mrbear
- baron

Also, thanks to all my testers:
Marc Dupont
Special thanks to Kerbo who not only did most of the testing, but in several cases, helped me troubleshoot.

Also, thanks to the many helpful people in the FS-UK help threads. I gained most of my modding knowledge via the forums in this excellent community.

I would not have accomplished this project without the help from everyone above, so thank you to all.

  • Priesterder1
    2018-03-20 18:50
    sorry my englischthe map is coolthe cars on the roadhot and speedis so hardmake little bit easy pleacemfg
  • Tiny
    2018-03-30 09:11
    love the map except I cant get crops to grow with seasons mod the growing season is to short or I'm doing something wrong any ideas? anyone?
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