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The Big M by KRONE v1.0.10
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The Big M by KRONE v1.0.10

The Big M By KRONE: A 13.2-Meter-wide mowing beast. This all new version continues where It started in FS13 followed by a great continuation in FS15.

New Options now include:
1) The ability to choose your favourite color (Default is Krone Green for the purists).
2) Standard 800 x 65 R32 Wheels or Optional Larger 800 x 70 R38 wheels with hubs fitted. (Both Color selectable).
3) Three selectable steering modes: All Wheel, Rear Wheels or Front Wheels.
4) Optional retractable extended tow kit. (Mounting plate can be optioned in the store and the hitch is available under store items "misc" to be purchased separately).
5) Optional Amber Flasher Light Bar. (If not optioned a single flasher is located on the rear).
6) Standard 520hp engine or optional 750hp Boost Pack with matching decals dependent on version chosen.
7) Updated animated interior: When entering and exiting, the vehicle steering column moves forward and back. The side armrest also lowers and raises as required. The Internal Screens will also turn on and off when entering and exiting the vehicle.
8) Two new fully functioning screens displaying all vital information (Time, Speed, RPM, Fuel Level, Fuel Usage, Hours Worked and Cutter Deck Position).
9) Updated lighting pack including illumination of all interior switches and screens. (Both Real and Fake lights have been added)

This is my favourite mod since FS13 and we have finally had the opportunity to bring a new update that we are more than pleased with. There is over 200 hrs of work on this Model and Mod and it is  still a work in progress, there will be more updates in the near future.
PLEASE NOTE: Currently the option to wide spread is not working as required in FS17 and the mower will be updated once this is fixed.
Multi-Player and Single Player Tested :-)
Log is Error Free.
We hope you enjoy this new and improved version of the Big M.
GTX Mods

Giants (FS13)
Timber131(Updated FS15 3D Model with new interior and textures)
GTXMods (Updated FS17 3D Model, Updated animated interior, optional extended tow pack, and FS17 Function)

Please show respect and ask us before uploading modified versions of this Mod.     Thankyou

Model: FS13 - Giants, FS15 Timber131, FS17 GTX Mods
XML's: GTX Mods
Idea / Concept: GTX Mods
Testing: GTX Mods

  • Kuko
    2016-11-26 20:22
    Thank you so much for making the Krone Big M. I loved it in 2015 and was waiting for it in 2017. Has good pulling power even with a fully loaded forage wagon. It goes 46mph.... soooo happy, not the slow 26mph from 2015 which always bothered me. Would it be possible to add the wide swathing?
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