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The First Map (Swietna Polska Mapa)
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The First Map (Swietna Polska Mapa)

I present to you a great Polish map by me. On the map you will find one farm designed for medium and large vehicles. On the map there are many fields of varying size and shape. I encourage you to download the map and I wish you a nice game.

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  • Sturdy
    2016-11-12 16:19
    what is the habit??? difficult to show PDA ??????
  • Krzysztof
    2016-11-12 21:04
    Ta mapa to parodia ,tam nic nie ma ,tylko gospodarstwo małe i kilka pól
  • Jimthegeek
    2016-11-13 16:03
    And of course the video has NOTHING to do with this map. Not downloading, because this is probably a crappy map.
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