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The Great Plains of USA v2.0
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The Great Plains of USA v2.0

Description: version 2.0 I fix the grape issue, fix the distillers Corn it is simpler I think I have cat tails removed if more post field number. The Luzerne and clover can only be cut with direct cutter. Added 3 train storages so you don't have to travel as far. 2 more fermenters north end. The Hub and grain storages take all crops plus grass, straw, chaff, silage. The woodchip train car takes all crops plus grass, straw, chaff, silage. The wood crusher dumps woodchips in woodchip train car You will need placeable woodchip sells place.
This map is of the Plains of USA it has alot of flat fields and some that on rolling hills. I have most of the fields buyable there is 117 marked fields. Some of fields you own and I
put in marshes in fields as they have in western states that have marshes reserved for waterfowls. Those fields need to remind player owned. It has the default crops with sugarCane with
new foliage texture and the you extra crops: oat, rye, sorghum, sudangrass, corn2, hops, peanut, cotton, tobacco, rice, millet, spelt, triticale, blackbean, luzerne, and clover. The
corn2 and sudangrass is for silage. The fill types are: compost, seeds2, cornDistillers(liquid), digestate1(feed), DistillersCorn(feed), biogas, lime, boards, emptyPallets and to many to
list. You have orchards, apple, orange, plum, pear and cherry, and Coffee orchard. I have included 4 mod Trains, CN train, Union Pacific, KCS, Missouri Pacific. I have put the 4
 map01_trainSystems that is set for the default train. I have included the 4 for mod trains all you need is remove the 4 and the other 4 has a, b, c, and e you will need to remove the
letters and your set up in map. You will need to unzip the mod trains and put them in the data/vehicles folder of game. Directios to do this is with the UnzipModTrains.zip.
Note: The railroad crossing signal only work with mod trains. Have fun.

Map testers: Bob Hastings, Slowboat

all farm fenceing and sheds for maps is by: sandgroper
Pioneer and dekaulb pallets textures by jb3pc4sale
other seed pallets and fertilizers by SF_unpack_me by Wellano920
Danke an alle Modder white hogs
fenceing by: (C) All Rights Reserved - Sandgroper 3rd June, 2011 added barbwire, jb3pc4sale
American Hog and cattle barns by 812famer
Union Pacific 8774 by sixgun
railroad_track_set Based on model and textures © 2016 GIANTS Software GmbH. Edited by estyx.
mobile homes DocElyoc
Autorzy:Model: GoldFoxTekstura: GoldFox Testy/Pomoc: Artek23
CBJ Midwest Modding american buildings 48x80SheepfBarn 48x82CalfBarn 50x80Barn 56x72Shop_17 72x150_Building_FS17.
Craig: Modeling Details, Texture, and Ingame 120x110FreeStallBarn LiveStockSaleBarn_FS17
Brent: Base Model
Justin: Building Dimensions and Concept
Karmarj: Steel Diffuse Textures
Giants: Straw
Calf: Unknown Source for new main farm
werksett Herzlichen Dank an Mike-Modding
siloLime JohnDeere1952
If I forgot anybody I'm sorry.

  • Toolbar
    2018-01-17 12:12
    New version, new mistakes. Map does not start neither with nor without mods.
  • Old man player
    2018-01-17 12:17
    map does not start
  • Toolbar
    2018-01-17 12:32
    Neue Version, neue Fehler, Map startet nicht, weder mit noch ohne mods.
  • Jb3pc4sale
    2018-01-17 12:40
    I have started new game with only the map and mods I sent. Minus the unzip mod trains folder in mods folder and the game started fine in seasons. I don't know what your doing wrong, but I can not fix your end. sorry.
  • Simon
    2018-01-17 13:16
    i have error running lua method loadshared3d filefinished datas/scripts/trainsystem/railroadvehicle.lua57attempt to perform arithmetic on local fx i have also removed train mod folder the map still does not load
  • Terry
    2018-01-17 13:49
    jb3 u need to bring the other one back it loaded good this one here want start or lunch
  • Toolbar
    2018-01-17 13:51
    C:/Users/Ich/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2017/mods/FS17_GreatPlainsUSA/BD/flieglDPW180.i3d (2692.43) msdata/vehicles/steerable/americanTruck/americanTruckOneAxle.i3d (456.43) msError: i3d 'data/vehicles/train111/locomotive.i3d' could not be found.Error: failed to load i3d file 'data/vehicles/train111/locomotive.i3d'Warning (Script): Unknown entity id 0 in method 'getChildAt'.LUA call stack: dataS/scripts/trainSystem/RailroadVehicle.lua (42) : getChild
  • Jb3pc4sale
    2018-01-17 13:57
    I have left the map01_trainSystem01, 02, 03, 04 you will need to unzip the mod trains and add them to the game vehicle folder and the map will start up. The directions are with the mod trains. Go to AEM forum and in the forum mod trains and directions they have a link to tutorial on installing train Put all 4 trains in and the map will work.
  • Wmll
    2018-01-17 14:32
    I think theres too many roads in my opinion.
  • Jb3pc4sale
    2018-01-17 14:32
    The train mods make the railroad crossing to work. So I thought it would be better to just leave it the way it should be with mod trains. If you have more problems I need the errors posted so I can address the problem. I'm sorry to the first 2 posters for not knowing what's wrong, but I need something to work off of the problems. I'm still up grading the map so you all can have best out of the map.
  • Toolbar
    2018-01-17 14:40
    If the map does not start, where should I know where the error is, think about it and then make fun of us users.
  • Old man player
    2018-01-17 14:44
    Kanne TOOLBAR nur zustimmen.
  • Terry
    2018-01-17 14:48
    jb3 done everything u said do and it still want lunch with mods or without mods so try to bring the first verison back it lunched fine there was no problem with it at all
  • Micl
    2018-01-17 15:31
    slt, ta carte ne fonctionne pas a cause du train. tu dois la modifier sinon personne ne va aller dessus.
  • Toolbar
    2018-01-17 15:41
    I'm right MICL
  • Frauholle
    2018-01-17 15:58
    where do i sell my dairy and salad products.
  • Jb3pc4sale
    2018-01-17 18:25
    I re uploaded the map changes back to default train it should work for you all. The dairy sell and salad products are west of farm You go west to T and turn left and than right in that area and the salad products are in that area just west of that.
  • Terry
    2018-01-17 20:40
    thank u jb3 the other worked great i did not see anything wrong with it
  • Blacky
    2018-01-17 22:22
    the map works for me but there is on problem the machines should be at the dealership instead in the grass on the left side of the dealership but a good map keep up the good work
  • Fanpower
    2018-01-18 00:59
    The Ai helper a total disaster, how many fixe come to the final, great map but many problems please stay tuned.
  • Simon
    2018-01-18 03:50
    i tried the kastor inc mod its in my folder but not showing up in the game
  • Jb3pc4sale
    2018-01-18 04:08
    The Kastor inc. is in the map and if your trying the use trailers and stuff If you put the mod in after you have started a game you need to check the mod when the window show mods if it is not check than it won't show up in game
  • Ag hauler
    2018-01-18 05:01
    Here is the train tutorialhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dI9MMdpF8Qs
  • Sturm
    2018-01-18 10:05
    who is the Salepoint for pallets???
  • Jb3pc4sale
    2018-01-18 12:25
    sale point for pallets and board woods are at Lowes.
  • Sturm
    2018-01-18 13:15
    I mean the pallets of milk salad and cheese, etc
  • Serega
    2018-01-18 16:33
    Map does not start. Not working map the infinite launchgames and nothing happens
  • Sturm
    2018-01-18 17:20
    Serega, die karte startet ohne probleme, wenn du dumm dann bleib es und spiel mit Barby
  • Serega
    2018-01-18 17:49
    STURM Well, you and the schoolboy)))
  • Jb3pc4sale
    2018-01-18 18:30
    You can sell milk at the bakery that is in town and you can sell all at price chopper and piggly wiggleys and at Walmarts the ground marker in front of the grocery part.
  • Farmer420
    2018-01-19 00:47
    Dirt area and Pallet spawner for sheep are in the wrong spot on the map, Dirt from the sheep feed is spawning around the unload point for the feed silo near the train tracks east of the cow barns, also the pallets are spawning there close to the unload point for the train on the train tracks.
  • Jb3pc4sale
    2018-01-19 03:58
    I think I know where you are talking about dirt area is the pallets spawning at the unload point by main silo?
  • Farmer420
    2018-01-19 08:52
    I uploaded some pictures of the problem.
  • Serega
    2018-01-19 08:58
    JB3PC4SALE I apologize.I downloaded the map again,everything is working. Now we are watchinghow the card will behave in the game
  • Serega
    2018-01-19 10:05
    JB3PC4SALE https://www.facebook.com/zakhar.maslov.10
  • Jb3pc4sale
    2018-01-19 11:32
    SEREGA, I'll see what I can do with the silosFARMER420, thanks for the pictures
  • Toolbar
    2018-01-19 12:00
    where I sell cheese and Hmilk, everywhere is displayed, will not be accepted here.
  • Jb3pc4sale
    2018-01-19 21:13
    The hMilk is sold at walmarts, piggley wiggley price chopper and the bakery. You will need to store in storage cheese in theLogisticCenter until I make a update on map. I overlook the cheese when adding to sell points sorry.
  • Toolbar
    2018-01-20 00:05
    Jb3pc4sale, thank you for Help
  • Sayler1985
    2018-01-23 13:12
    83/5000the railway crossing does not open after the train passes and I do not know what to do
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