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The Iceland v2.3
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The Iceland v2.3

welcome to the Iceland map.

Version 2.3
hi i have corrected the particles for this map and have altered a few things like the barriers to the farm have now been removed as they were to annoying.
added chop straw mod to the map.

i made this a long time ago for FS15 and now has been updated for FS17.
the map has got a very big farmhouse in the center of the map
animal are all here from cows to pigs
Production of greenhouses and compostmaster allso clean potatoes.
includes and very long train ride Which goes though nearly every sellpoint allso has a helter skelter ride to the freight yard.
hope you like.

Scooby, pinguar, castor, marhu, kevink98, joker301069, Farmer_Andy, fasi, El_Cid, Giants, tarnat.
Jungle_strudsen, Oliviu Stoian, Alice Noir, Thilly Coppelmans, Leastspark, Gira Park.
Anuar Zhumaev, Addylord, Hoffman, Dennis Tiensvold, Creative Stall, Pencil, Alex Fuller.
Ashley Fiveash, Lastspark, Bryn Mackenzie, Edward Boatman, Justin Blake and Shmidt Sergey.
Ian898 / CBModding, Ifko [nator].

  • Jj


    2017-02-26 19:39
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    First, this is a great map. But there are an issue with the oil refinery. I could not load the oil. Tried both universal tanker and the one that follow the game. None off them will load. Trigger maybe? Second, there are 2 rail passes that are closed by light all time. There are no train nearby, so there are no reason to stay closed :)
  • Dennis
    2017-02-28 19:25
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    grass still does not register for cows therefore cannot get 100% production for cows
  • Steven
    2017-03-04 14:02
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    sadly the refinery you used for this map is an old version with known bugs, you need to replace it wit the new one that's out please other than that it's a good map
  • Nathan
    2017-03-05 20:05
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    I cant find a sell point for compost???
  • Dennis
    2017-03-06 16:58
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    the greenhouse for pumpkins does not show any pumpkin pallets
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