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The Interior by Seriousmods
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The Interior by Seriousmods

After what has seemed like months of struggling to find motivation, I am happy to say "The Interior" is complete and ready to share. I have been playing Farming Simulator since FS2011 when I first started with a demo version, and I have yet to see few, if any, Canadian-style maps on the same quality level as American and European maps. This is my first attempt to change that trend. "The Interior" is the product of long hours, frustration, sore fingers, and much dedication, and the final result is something I hope all of you can enjoy.

There are approximately 10,000 physical, cuttable trees on the map, and miles of winding, mountain roads that will challenge even the best log truck driver. All industrial activity is contained to the center of the map including the sawmill, the equipment yard, and the machinery dealer. A main paved road runs through the map, and the lake next to it is a favorite of both loggers and tourists alike.

Completing a project like this isn't something I could do alone, and I would like to extend a special thank you to Kirezagar for his Alps map which was used as the base DEM for "the Interior." I'd also like to thank all the people who helped test this map, and Rand0msparks for producing the beautiful PDA map and other images. Thank you all for your continued support.

Kirezagar (the Alps map on which the Interior is built)
NLD-Farmers (FS17 base map)
FSH Modding Map (sawmill building)
GoldFox Models (sheds at sawmill)
Rand0msparks (map logos, PDA, and imagery)
Abel Modding (centerbeam train cars, lumber stacks)
BcBuhler Modding (woodchip car)
James60470 (Liebherr log loaders)
NI-Modding (dealer shops)
LazyMod Studios (propane and fuel tanks)
möchtegernbauer (industrial warehouse)
California Central Valley Map (industrial buildings, static semi trailer, various objects)
Hermit23 (poleshed)
Blacksheep Moddig (dealership building)
Various Others

Testing: Tex57 Mapping & Modding
ZD Logging
Lindbejb Modding
TMG Logging
FS 2015 Mods (FB page)
Matterhorn team
Various others

  • Tim121672
    2017-02-27 11:45
    Thank you for this, I love all your mods and cant wait to play this map...KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!!
  • Blaze
    2017-02-27 12:00
    @tim121672 its not thomas that have made the map is Seriousmods that made it and relese it on his fb page
  • Serious is serious
    2017-02-27 14:05
    If Serious made this, then it is SERIOUS! LOL. Can't wait buddy to DL this and play it!! AWESOME JOB, keeping map UNDER 350MB!!! Should be a FANTASTIC MP MAP. Only from a TRUE REAL MODDER! IT gets no better than this!
  • Gamerjohn
    2017-02-27 15:16
    @TIM121672 Thomas doesn't mod a damn thing. He takes peoples work from other sites and claims them as his own.
  • Credits?
    2017-02-27 17:02
    Weird Gamerjohn, I dont see Thomas putting his name in the credits for this map. Maybe he's not claiming them, just uploading them?????
  • Phil
    2017-02-28 04:01
    In all seriousness, Seriousmods did say it can be uploaded to any site anywhere as long as it had full credits given and that has been done just don't come here asking for help with it if you find a bug go to his facebook and ask there.
  • Tim121672
    2017-03-02 04:06
    I'm fully aware who made this map, I have a lot of there mods already. I usually go right to there fb page and get them. I posted my comment here to thank them if they see it here. You can hate on THOMAS all you want but he has introduced mods to gamers who would have never found them otherwise.
  • Brandon watkins
    2017-03-07 22:19
    thanks seriousmods for this map I love all your mods and all the ones TMG release thanks again for all your time and effort to make something this beautiful.
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