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The Invisible Man v1.0
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The Invisible Man v1.0

Quick fix for the BigBud DLC that tones down the actual power requirements for the Seedhawk AirDrill so a 500hp tractor can easily use it.

The Invisible Man

  • Heitorfs15
    2017-05-11 18:22
    10kb ? vc e bobo ou quer 1 real
  • @heitorfs15
    2017-05-11 19:22
    You put this file in your mod folder, enable it in your game, and it lowers the hp requirements of the seed hawk so you can use other tractors (450+hp) with it. Did you need it to be 10mb to do the same thing so that it wouldn't be "silly"?
  • Hey


    2017-05-11 20:29
    why do all this and you can just extract the file from steam and the mod and u can do what you want with it
  • Christopher schriefer
    2017-05-11 20:52
    I thought DLC was locked and you could not modify anything?? I would like to add more capacity to the brent grain cart. Can it be done??
  • @christopher schriefer
    2017-05-11 20:59
    You could call it "locked", and I guess it sort of is. But yes, you can modify pretty much any value you want in any dlc (all legally and without having to "extract" the dlc). Only n00b's extract the mod to edit ;)
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